Many of us have childhood stories that inspire our life-long passions or life purpose.  My story began as a middle school student drawing floor plans of an “ideal home” I wished I could be living in.

My passion for fabulous spaces never waned, but detoured into the study of psychology, certification in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the teaching of time management and career counseling.  These experiences, combined with envisioning and overseeing the renovation of four homes, a N.Y. city loft, and two multi-purpose barns, informed my career: helping people create their ideal homes to support living their ideal life.

My business began in 2002 while addressing a tension between my brother and his wife: they could not agree on how to renovate their home.  (Click here to view Client Scenarios.)

They each needed very different things from their home, and needed to understand this before they could move forward with their plans.

Their project initiated my supporting many families and small businesses during the next 10 years.  To augment my space planning skills, I trained at the New England School of Feng Shui, as well as the Yestermorrow Design Build School in Warren, VT.  While I have worked on small commercial projects over the years, my passion lies with the well designed home.

My vision is that we all dwell in a space that supports our individual needs and life-style preferences, supporting our path to a fulfilling life.  As our needs can differ significantly from the people we live with, fostering understanding and inspiring creative solutions to these different needs lies at the heart of my Residential Space Planning & Renovation Consulting practice.